Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. With profound reverence for God and sincere respect for this country’s leaders and their instructions regarding COVID-19 Guidelines, I am prayerfully designating May 24th for our re-entry into the sanctuary. O blessed House of God. Morning Worship Service starts at 11:45 AM. We will most sadly forego Evening Service until further notice. I encourage you to be mad ready when we do resume the holy night services. The Musicians and the Praise Team will lead us in worship. The choir will not be required to sing on reopening day [to be announced at later date]. All auxiliaries are regretfully postponed until further notice.

I have previously addressed our expectations concerning STRICT SAFETY GUIDELINES. Handouts will also be available on the day of re-entry. You will be able to sanitize your hands coming in and going out. Masks are expected, especially when addressing persons. We will have a limited number of masks available upon entry. I trust you will have your own and may not need ours at the door. I ask you to graciously receive guidance from the Chief Usher, his assistant, and staff. We shall be seated three to a pew [unless there are more from a single household] and in every other pew. We have persons assigned to sanitize the upholstery, pew accommodations and key touch points throughout the church. We also rather fervently urge parents to accompany your children under 13 to the restroom facilities which will have church personnel available for supervision and safety purposes and sanitization of touch points. Minimum amount of walking please, the services are not that long. The nursery is opened ONLY for diaper changes and not to remain seated therein. It’s change and out. WITH ALL DUE RESPECT, I URGE THOSE WHO ARE COUGHING, SNEEZING, SHOWING ANY SIGNS OF CONTAGION OR HAVING A FEVER, REMAIN HOME IN ORDER TO PREVENT THE SPREAD OF COVID-19. If a person or persons are experiencing perhaps non-stop bouts of coughing spells, PLEASE EXCUSE YOURSELF FROM THE SANCTUARY.

Our good conscience toward God and others is our supreme motivation. 

We shall exit as directed by the Usher Department. 

We shall avoid group gatherings and socializing during and after service. 

We can have some fun with this and put up air hugs and sincere signs of respect and love, no harm done, though we have been made sober about the sickness itself. Staff are assigned for disinfecting and deep cleaning processes. This will take place before, during and after services. 

I extend sincere thanks to all Abundant Life Apostolic Church members, active and those who are on the membership roll who truly may not have been able to fully activate but are supporting through prayer and giving of their substance. 

Thank you with all of our hearts from Pastor and Administration. Thank you to frontline workers, the prayerful and upright, police, nurses and caregivers, service workers, online audiences, and all other friends faithful to our media ministry and church!! 

Now may the God and Father of mercies, the God of all comfort, comfort us in all our tribulations and as our sufferings in Christ abounds, so does His everlasting consolation abound. Amen! 

Yours in Christ,

 Bishop H. Anthony Stephens







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